Part of my Vegan MoFo 2013 is doing blog entries dedicated to each year I've been vegan.
Major things happened in 2011. In March, I landed my current job, which I can say over two years later is one of the best jobs I have ever had, if not the best. In August of that year, I attended the first ever Vida Vegan Con, and got  inspired and invigorated about the future of the vegan movement through online media. Then, almost immediately after returning from that trip, my boyfriend of almost 11 years and I split up. It was, like any break up, a tough time, but I'm happy to say that we are still great friends, and share custody of our dog Molly, who enjoys having two houses to lord over. 

I was a single lady again! What with being out and about doing Internet Dating and other such fun things that the kids do these days, I was often getting home just in time to go to bed and get up and head to work again. It was perfect symbiosis, therefore, that my new bachelorette pad was a short walk to a Trader Joe's and their bounty of vegan snacks, ingredients, and ready-made meals. TJ's kept me nourished and ready to party on short notice!
Inspired by the article Corner Stourmet in The Bold Italic (one of my favorite magazines), I decided to whip up some Pretentious Fancy Bachelorette Lady Food based on vegan items available at Trader Joe's. Above are just a few of the many ingredients I used, all of which were from Trader Joe's.

Now I know this is a fancy place, so it's in poor form to complain about the price, but when did Two Buck Chuck* become Two-Buck-Fifty Chuck, huh? I thought you were cool, Joe. Anyhow, let's take a look at the menu, shall we?

*Charles Shaw label wine was available, until recently, for the price of $1.99 a bottle (now $2.49). It's actually not horrible wine.

Amuse Bouche

Pan-fondled coconut coq au mirepoix sheltering on a petite flotsam of Persian flatbread

Hors D'oeuvre

Minced Asian crudite in a gyoza purse, roosting on a trio of hand-selected edamame in a nest of toasted coconut shavings, revered by a crescent of shoyu dewdrops and a whimsy of scallion.

First Course

Medallions of maize, courgette, and pulse enchiladas anointed in a dusky chile mole and a coriander tiara

Second Course

Char-grilled filet of bean curd on a pillow of albino maize pearlettes, 
choux juliennes taunted with lime essence and coulis hollandais.


Gluten-free toaster waffle and vanilla soy ice cream sandwich with a coronet of Speculoos cookie butter, buoyantly ensconced by an exuberance of re-hydrated raspberry and Cabernet reduction.


09/19/2013 10:31am

You cracked me up with pan-fondled coconut and hand-selected edamame.

09/20/2013 8:58am

I had way too much fun coming up with the ridiculous menu descriptions for these things. I think living in the Bay Area has broken my brain!

09/19/2013 6:08pm

Well done! Just shared this page with my vegan meetup group and they love it.

09/20/2013 8:58am

Thank you so much!

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