It's Freaky Friday!!! That means I'm swapping blogs for the day with Mo of Mo Betta Vegan! Now does that make me Lindsay Lohan or Jamie Lee Curtis? Cocaine or yogurt? WHICH ONE?!
Howdy MoFos!  Mo here from Mo Betta Vegan.  I'm super excited to be trading blogs with Erika on this most excellent Freaky Friday.  Erika further proves my theory that Erikas-with-a-K are the absolute best people ever!

Dudes.  I have a problem.  My other friend, Erika, tried to give me a legitimate intervention about my pancake obsession the other day.  Here's the thing...I can pinpoint the exact moment I fell in love with pancakes.  2006.  I opened a book that would change my life forever, Vegan with a Vengeance.  The first bite of those delectable pancakes made me throw away every vegan pancake recipe I had ever tried before.  I had conquered my first vegan battle!  It didn't stop there, though.  I was serving these at brunches.  Mother's Day?  You bet your butt.  No pantsSunday?  Hells yeah.  My ex-husband and I even served it at our rehearsal brunch.  To quote one of the groomsmen, "These pancakes are hot fire!"  Yes, they are.

I have some basic rules to pancake making.  First of all, kick anybody in the shins who tells you to throw that first pancake away.  This isn't home economics class!  You better not be wasting that precious flapjack batter.  Get yourself a thin, preferably metal spatula.  If you're like me, have yourself a pan that you use for pancakes.  I like to have a smaller one so I'm not compelled to use too much batter.

Rules to Happy Pancakes
  1. DON'T overmix the batter.
  2. Heat the pan while you make the batter.  I find medium high to be a good temp.
  3. Thoroughly coat the pan with cooking spray or oil.
  4. NEVER flip before you see air bubbles AND dry edges.
  5. Slather on your favorite buttery spread and drench in maple syrup.
  6. Go ahead and throw some fresh berries up in there to get your health on.

Just beware: pancakes are a gateway drug.  Next thing you know, you'll be fiending for brinner and snorting up grapefruit mimosas.  THE HORROR!  THE HORROR!  The delicious, pancakey horror.



09/20/2013 9:28am

My personal addition:

7. Use equal parts maple syrup on your pancakes and directly in your mouth.

09/20/2013 1:23pm

Oh, I never throw that first pancake away either, Mo. Those people are crazy!

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