Part of my Vegan MoFo 2013 is doing blog entries dedicated to each year I've been vegan.
I don't really remember anything exciting happening in 2010 exceeeeeppppt taking a really fun trip to London to see my boyriend's brother's gratuation from med school!

Obviously it was a great time to catch up, see some old friends, see my boyfriend's family again, and enjoy the person my brother-in-law had matured into (he was only 13 when I first met him, now he's a smartypants doctor!). But let's get real, you're here in MoFo for one thing and one thing only: the food. And I went home with a lot of belly-memories and a suitcase full of goods, to be sure. 

Here's a list of the vegan goods I stock up on every time I find myself across the pond:


There are very few people in the world who do not have a strong opinion one way or the other about Marmite. It's possibly an acquired taste, and a condiment that is best used sparingly, in my opinion. Essentially a concentrated yeast product, spreads like Marmite are a byproduct of beer brewing. The sludge at the very bottom of the cask? Why, you scoop that up and put it on your toast, my friend. Marmite is packed with a punch of folic acid and B vitamins, including the ever-important B12. It's incredibly salty, and a big enough glob of it will make my teeth hurt. I use it sparingly and thinly on breads and crackers, and the umami flavor is very cheese-like. It's also great as a soup stock.

OXO Vegetarian bullion cubes

OK, I know this one is seriously boring, but I cannot get enough of this bullion! It's delicious! In America we know OXO as a manufacturer of cool rubbery kitchen utensils,  but in the UK they're also a food brand and they have a skyscraper that has become a landmark of the London skyline. 

Jammie Dodgers

I know they're meant to be enjoyed with a cup of tea, but I'm an American, so I have to have these with coffee. I love these little cookies! Or, as the Brits would call them, biscuits. It's a sandwich of two vanilla cookies and a sweet, chewy dollop of strawberry jelly in the middle. Not only are these vegan, but I think at least one or two of the major supermarket generics of Jammie Dodgers are vegan, too, and cost less!

McVittie's Digestives

If you've got a hankering for a biscuit but want something rich and chocolately rather than tart and fruity, then McVittie's has you covered. Their dark chocolate digestive biscuits are dangerously habit-forming. Most of the food chains, like Marks & Spencer or Tesco, have a generic brand of McVittie's, and I think those are most often vegan as well- but check the label, cause it's been a while for me! 

Linda McCartney's Mince Pies

OK, this one's a bit of a cheat as I can't really load up on these frozen pies so much as enjoy the everloving hell out of them while I'm on British soil, but they still count as a fantastic find while in ol' blighty. Before her sad passing, the late Mrs. McCartney founded a line of vegetarian "boil-in-the-bag" food for Go-Getting Greeneaters on the Go! When I lived in the UK, I would have one of these with a big fluffy pile of mashed potatoes at least once a week. There are a lot of delicious options in the Linda McCartney line, including other flavors of pie as well as traditional British sausage rolls, but my Trusty Old Standby is always the country mince pie. If you have an oven or toaster oven in the place you're staying in the UK, or if you have some room in that cooler full of human organs you're couriering over the Atlantic, grab a box from the freezer!

I'll be back with another MoFo post tomorrow. Tally ho, chaps!


09/19/2013 3:23pm

Always useful to see what we've got that other people like. I've never tried the oxo cubes, but heartily endorse Linda McCartney sausage rolls.

Sadly, even dark chocolate-coated digestives tend to have butter oil in them, if you want chocolatey mainstream biscuits you're better off with hobnobs. Plain digestives are sometimes okay.

09/20/2013 8:56am

Thanks for the heads-up on digestives, Emily! I usually scan ingredients on stuff I haven't bought in a few years just to make sure nothing's changed, but I could definitely see myself being bone-headed and assuming "yeah, of course it's vegan!"

The McCartney sausage rolls are delicious! One of very very few foods in which I enjoy black pepper!

09/19/2013 7:08pm

How have I always thought Jammie Dodgers were fruit-filled doughnuts??? Thanks for enlightening me!

09/20/2013 8:57am

That sounds just as amazing! As long as it's dunkable with coffee, it's okay by me.

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