Part of my Vegan MoFo 2013 is doing blog entries dedicated to each year I've been vegan.
2004 was my 'arrested development' year. Although I was 24 at this point, I was acting out what could only be described as a delayed adolescence/college experience. I was recently laid off and suckling at Mother California's sweet unemployment teat. I hung out with 'bad influences' and was smoking cigarettes. Every weekend we'd go to a crappy small-town club and dance with people I was hoping wouldn't recognize me from high school.

I may no longer be a fixture at the clubs, and I haven't had a cigarette in years (thank goodness), but GIRLFRIEND STILL ENJOYS A GOOD DRINK. These days, I enjoy nothing more than a cold Anchor Steam beer on my couch (or at one of my favorite establishments) after a long day at work, but I do enjoy reaping the benefits of living in California wine country, and I still occasionally like to fancy it up a bit with an ornate cocktail.

A drink that I love which can be easily veganized is the White Russian. Vegan Lebowski fans, rejoice!

I would give you a recipe but I don't roll like that when it comes to drinks. I pour by eye and if it doesn't taste like death I go for it. That is my highly professional bartending method, all rights reserved. All I can tell you is what you need is vodka, coffee liqueur, hazelnut liqueur, and your milk of choice. My personal preferences are Absolut (because they are My People and also because Sweden is a way awesome-er place to be LGBT than Russia), Kahlua, Disaronno, and Califia Almond Milk.

PictureThis is A Statement on postmodern cinema.
Holy moley- this Califia stuff is pretty new to me but I AM IN LOVE. I am a recent convert to almond milk from soy milk and this stuff in particular is creamy, rich, and flavorful. Unlike other brands, Califia is in bottles in the refrigerated section, not on the shelf in a tetrapack. I'm happy to say they've recently improved their bottle caps to use way less plastic. You can buy plain (great for cooking), creamy (amazing with cereal or cookies), and coconut-almond (don't even try to be polite, just drink it straight out of the container). They also recently came out with three flavors of iced coffee- mocha, latte, and triple espresso. Guess which one is my favorite (HINT IT'S TRIPLE ESPRESSO)?

So yeah, just look up a general White Russian recipe and sub out gross cow milk for yummy almond milk! Or whatever non-animal milk you like to use. Slip on a robe and don't spill, because that is a nice rug! I recommend mixing a triple-batch in advance and packing into a mason jar if you're headed to the bowling alley. Cheers!



09/10/2013 10:36am

I have not heard of this Califia, but I think I would like their iced coffees very much. Also I'm just like you with mixing drinks but probably worse...I get it in my head that diet root beer would probably be a good mixer and dump a bunch of stuff over ice, and as long as it's not totally repulsive I can't waste it!

09/10/2013 12:09pm

Ha ha, we are some busted-ass bobo bartenders, Erin! You definitely need to try Califia, it's incredible. I WANT TO BATHE IN IT.

09/11/2013 11:39am

Vegan white (or black) Russians are the best! I was in Reykjavik last year, and there is a Lebowski Bar with a whole menu of different kinds of Russians, and a whole section that can be veganized! It was the best.

09/12/2013 9:03am

Oooh, fun! I have a close friend who went there last year, I was super jealous. I definitely need to put it on my bucket list.

10/15/2013 10:27pm

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