Part of my Vegan MoFo 2013 is doing blog entries dedicated to each year I've been vegan.
Well, here we are in the present day! I've still got the job I love, I've got two super awesome dogs, I just moved into my very own house, and I just celebrated a one year anniversary with my smokin' hot, smartypants boyfriend. And I started this site, so things are going pretty good. 

Although I love my boyfriend to death, there is one place he simply won't eat with me: my favorite falafel (aka 'flaff') truck. His dad ran his own falafel truck for several years, and he's simply burnt out on the stuff. I can imagine no crueler fate than to have reached your Lifetime Falafel Limit far too young. Especially before you've had the chance to try Liba Falafel. 
Beep beep! Falafel coming thru!
Lines for days
The Condiment Bar of the Gods
Liba Falafel travels all over the East Bay and San Francisco, but the two places I usually catch them are at the monthly Alameda Antiques Fair or every other week at Off the Grid a quarter mile from my office. Off the Grid is an organization that puts together rotating temporary 'pods' of food trucks for weekday lunchtimes and special events in San Francisco. 

Their menu is short and sweet, but even so you can expect a long line- it goes to show you don't need to make a ton of things if you make one thing really, really well. You can get your falafel in a pita or on a salad, with a side of sweet potato fries (although most people [me] just skip the trouble and put the fries right in the pita or salad). The condiment bar is so heavily laden that it's possible to make another meal entirely of add-ons. With the exception of feta and raita, everything at the condiment bar is vegan. Load up heartily, but just follow the Liba rule and don't return for more once you've started.
Falafel salad with (clockwise from 9 o'clock) hummus, tahini, coriander chutney, rosemary peanuts, pickled onions, deep-fried pickled onions, sweet potato fries, Moroccan carrot salad, cardamom pickles, harissa, and beets.
Thanks are due to my very patient co-worker Kat, who kindly waited while I photographed her lunch.


09/25/2013 9:55am

<3 Liba <3 I've always gotten the pita just because, but now I am admiring your salad choice for the greater surface area available for garnishing.

09/26/2013 9:20am

YES, see, now you're thinking. You can also get pita *in* the salad for a complete ultimate FE (Falafel Experience).

09/25/2013 10:05pm

I miss Liba! It was my favorite meal when we visited. Even more than Gracias Madre. The topping bar is sick.


09/26/2013 9:22am

Girlfriend, that topping bar is sickeningly fierce.

09/30/2013 12:32am

Fried pickled onions?! Never heard of that before but now I must try. And cardomom pickles? Ditto. We need more food trucks like this in the UK.

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